Saturday, February 18, 2012

Team Tournament Ah Soo @ 11/02/12 + Tournament @ JCube 18/02/12

Team Tournament Ah Soo @ 11/02/12
Format : Double Eli
Participants: 20 Teams
Deck used: Inzector
Team Members: XM (T.G. Agent)/Me (Inzector)/Kenneth (Larval)/

Round1: Bye

Round2: Team Big Bang Theory
vs: Inzector (William)
Result: XOX
Team Results: OXO

Round3: Team ??? ( Dunno team name =\ )
vs: Inzector ()
Result: OXO
Team Results: XOO

Round4: Team Aequus
vs: T.G. Agents (Shaun)
Result: OO-
Team Results: OOO

Round 5: Team B.R.C.
vs: Verz Rabbit (Baha)
Result: Nil
Team Results: Nil (We decidto share, so we decided to go down to losers first)

Round 6: Team Aequus
vs: T.G. Agents (Shaun)
Result: XOO
Team Results: XOX

Placing: 3rd ( shared with 1st place =D )

Tournament @ JCube 18/02/12
Format : 4 Round Swiss to Top8
Participants: 25
Deck used: Inzector

Round1: Inzectors (Alvin)
Result: XOO

Round2: Verz (Kenneth)
Result: OO-

Round3: Machina Karakuri (DS)
Result: OO-

Round4: BlackWings (Jun Cai)
Result: OO-

4wins, advance to top8

Top8: Inzector (Sam)
Result: OXO

Top4: Machina Karakuri (DS)
Result: OXO

Finals: Hero Beat (Jeff)
Result: OXX

Placing: 2nd

I got outplayed, out-handed, totally destroyed by Jeff ._.

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