Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tournament @ JCube @ 14/01/12

Format : 4 Round Swiss to Top8
Participants: 16
Deck used: Hero Beat (No bubbleman ver.)

Round1: T.G. Agents (Shaun(mini))
Result: OO

Round2: Tour Guide Inzecters (xm)
Result: OO

Round3: Arrive GB (Mango)
Result: OO

Round4: T.G. Agents (Sazabi)
Result: XOO

4wins, advance to top8

Top8: Hero Beat; bubbleman ver. (Baha)
Result: XOX

Bottom4: Inzecters (Alvin)
Result: XOO

5/6th Placing: Inzecters (Sam)
Result: XX-

Placing: 6th

Loving hero beat. Win with no stress, lose with no stress =D

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