Friday, January 13, 2012

Elemental Hero - Bubbleman? U Serious?

Herobeat decks in japan have been seen adding in an old-school, first generation e-hero into their lineup,
E-Hero Bubbleman.

Level 4/Water/Hero/Effect
If this is the only card in your hand, you can Special Summon it (from your hand). When this card is Summoned: You can draw 2 cards. You must control no other cards and have no cards in your hand to activate and to resolve this effect.

The only thing I thought that it was in there was because it is able to be special summoned and made into a quick Hope, Roach or Bladeheart. Also a water/hero attribute/type for miracle fusion.

But after researching on them, there is a greater function for the little out-of-fashion hero.
It is to help solve the problem of herobeat of not having a option of one-turn-killing the opponent (lets not count having multiple miracle fusion and superpoly in hand). And it only requires 1/2 cards.
Key cards are obviously
and of not leaving out

Note: All the below combos need you to have no other monster in hand(s/t can be set), as you need to have only bubbleman in your hand to special summon it.

1. Normal summon Airman, search Bubbleman. Special summon Bubbleman. Exceed into Daigusto Emerald. Using Digusto Emerald's effect to special summon back Neos Alius.

 1800 + 1900 = 3700

2. Normal summon Airman, search bubbleman. Special summon Bubbleman. Exceed into Bladeheart.
Use Bladeheart's effect to attack twice.

2200 x 2(bladeheart's effect to attack twice) = 4400

3. With monster reborn set. Normal summon Airman, search Bubbleman. Special summon Bubbleman. Exceed into Bladeheart. Use monster reborn to special summon Airman. Search for Bubbleman, Exceed into a second Bladeheart.
(2200 x 2) + (2200 x 2) = 8800!

And of course, the above combo can be done if you have e-call instead of having airman in you hand (of course to search for airman).

2 card combo otk for herobeat? And a ton of traps to back you up?. Think again if you try to stall when playing with herobeat deck.

Source for combos: feath

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