Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tournament @ JCube @ 17/12/11

Format : 4 Round Swiss to Top8
Participants: 20
Deck used: Inzecter

Round1: Shuan (Agent Angels)
Result: OO-

Round2: Dark World (Sebastian)
Result: XOO

Round3: "NoMannerTcg" (Baha)
Result: XOO

Round4: "NoMannerOcg" (Clarence)
Result: Decided to let him win so as to help pull up our friends scores

3wins - Advance to top 8

Top8: Vishal (Evodia)
Result: OXO

Top4: Junk Dopple (Stark)
Result: OO-

Finals: "NoMannerOcg" (Clarence)
Result: XX-

Placing: 2nd

First timing using Inzecters in a tournament and I am already feeling that it is cheap(from the user point of view). It is totally a auto pilot deck with a potential 1card for 4 card advantage (damsel). Even if I did a mistake in between the combos during one game with baha, I still managed to deal enough damage to finish him off.

As for gameplay mistakes today, I totally messed up during the finals (e.g. activating wrong cards when cannot be activated, thus letting my opponent know whats the set card). Other then that, do seem to side in the right cards for the different match-up. Hope I can do better next time, till then =)

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