Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tournament @ JCube @ 26/11/11

Format : 4 Round Swiss to Top8
Participants: 23
Deck used: T.G. Agent Angel (Anti-Inzecter Ver.)

Round1: Inzecters (Clarence)
Result: OXO

Round2: T.G. Agent (Max)
Result: OXO

Round3:Gravekeepers (James)
Result: XOO

Round4: Inzecters (Xm)
Result: OO-

4wins - Advanced to top8

Top8: Darkworld (Alex)
Result: OO-

Top4: Blackwings (Wilson)
Result: XX- (Did TONSSSSSS of mistakes during those games, I deserved to lose)

3/4th Placing: Inzecters (Darius)
Result: OXO

Placing: 3rd

I guess the anti-inzecter build is working as intended. NS really makes a person go stupid =(

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