Monday, December 26, 2011


In any trading card games, there would most likely be different decks with different tiers; a deck better than the others in terms of mainly, win rate.

In Yugioh, the factors which makes up the tier list are usually consistency, burst(ability to otk, one turn kill), comeback factor(taking the game under a undesirable situation) and ability to control the flow of the game; at least there are what I see important for this game.

For any card game to survive and earn, new cards have to be introduced. In Yugioh, there is the restriction list to help balance out the game if the new cards are found to be abusive or overpowered by its own.

So for Yugioh,
if you play to win, go for top tiers.
if you play to win and not want to go for top tiers, try not to complain until the next restriction list.