Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tournament @ JCube 8/10/11

Format : 4 Round Swiss to Top 8
Participants: 26
Deck used: Agent Angel

Round1: Lightlords w/ GraveBf (Sherwyn)
Game1: Did a bad mind crush after charge of light brigade. That allowed him to have 4 different lightlords and otked me with JD, Darkarmed and Chaos sorcerer.

Result: XOO

Round2: Anti-Meta Lagia (Yi Jie)
Game1: Won with 2x Gachi Gachi and venus, he did not have any answer for them.
Game2: He drew into many normal monsters in a row, which I destoryed twice in a row with gachi + venus and slowly won from there

Result: OO-

Round3: T.G. Agents (Sazabi)
Game1: Trishula-ed him and won with the advantage there
Game2: Did a mistake of not clearing all of his monsters (BLS and earth) and died from the advantage trishula gained for him next turn.
Game3: Effort Krystia helps in times of danger =)

Result: OXO

Round4: Agent Angel (Jun Jie)
Game1: Forgotten what happened
Game2: Won from just a raiou attacking for 5times ._.

Result: OO-

4wins, advance to top 8

Top8: Zombie Gravekeepers (Yew Long)
Forgotten what happened also, as I didnt have the mood to play. However, it caused me to win both games ><

Result: OO-

Top4: Agent Angels (Sam)
Round1: Started first and gained the tempo from there (venus + gachi, bottomless his venus when he summoned)
Round2: What goes around comes around, with drawing 2 balls in a row for 2 draw phase.
Round3: Refer to game 1 ><

Result: OXO

Finals: Agent Angels (Jun Jie)
Round1: Came back from having 2x Hyperion and Krystia in starting hand
Round2: Got Dustshoot with 1x Hyperion and Krystia in starting hand w/o any agents. After a series of balls "slapping each other", won with Krystia after that

Result: OO-

Placing: First

Starting first during a agent angel mirror lets you gain so much tempo. The only way to reverse that tempo is having mind control (at least from my point of view). Tempo during agent angel mirror is so important as it affects who will have to waste their resource to break out of the tempo first, or find a window to otk

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