Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tournament @ Active Games Collection @ 15/10/11

Format : 3 Round Swiss to Single Eli
Participants: 24
Deck used: Agent Angel

My MP3 player bricked and I was busy finding a way to recover it that I forgotten most of what happened during the tournament, so I'm not going to give a detailed tournament report.

Round1: Anti-Meta (???)
Result: OXO

Round2: Darkworld (Jeryl)
Result: OXX

Round3: Lightlords (Sky)
Result: OXO

2wins 1lost, advanced to top 12

Top12: Hero Beat (Zan Hao)
Result: OXO

Top6: Karakuri (Jun Qi)
Result: XOO

Top3, Round1: Junk Dopple (Aim)
Result: OO-

Top3, Round2: Hero Beat (Calvin)
Result: OO-

Placing: First

As usual, I did draw into many "balls" at quite a few games today. During top6, I did a mistake which caused me to lose the first game, I didnt have quite the mood to play after that. But my opponent made mistakes during games 2 and 3 which let me have my mood back xD

1 comment:

  1. Get a iPod instead of a MP3 imo.

    And drawing into Mystical Shine Ball sux =(