Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tournament @ JCube @ 27/10/11

Format : 5 Round Swiss to Top8
Participants: 33
Deck used: Agent Angel

Round1: T.G. Agents (Alvin)
Result: OO-

Round2: Gravekeepers (William)
Result: OXO

Round3: Infernities (Kenneth)**
Result: XOX

Round4: Agent Angels (Jun Jie)
Results: OO-

Round5: Hermit T.G. Agents (Max)
Results: OXO

4 Wins - Advanced to Top 8

Top 8: Junk Dopple (Eustace)
Result: OXO

Top 4: Agent Angels (Jess)
Result: OXX

3rd/4th Placing: Infernities (Kenneth)**
Result: XOX

Placing: 4th

I did overall ok plays today. Except during top4 where I did quite alot of blind risky plays which totally didn't pay off (need to stop them). Could not achieve a 3 straight first place =(

I need some way to stop having the game fate sealed before I can even start my turn.**


  1. Hi I'm the ??? Junk Dop player, a real honour to play against you.
    Please visit my team's blog at for my tourney report. Lol shameless plugging. Any comments are welcome.

  2. Oh! Sorry for not knowing your name >< Pleasure to play against you too

  3. Actually my name is Zexuan, LOL. Eustace just my blog name but nevermind, you can call me that too.