Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tournament @ Asia Card Shop 24/09/11

Format : 4 Round Swiss to Top 8
Participants: 25
Deck used: Agent Angel

Only remembered some of the matches today, so shall not go into the details of each game (tired x.x)

Round1: T.G. Agents (Ying Jun)
Results: OO-

Round2: Lightlord (Sam)
Results: OO-

Round3: T.G. Agents (KL)
Results: OO-

Round4: Bahamut's Long Sausage (Baha)
Results: XOX

Round5: Gravekeepers (Poh Seng)
Results: XOX

3wins 2lose, advanced to top 8 (pos 6)

Round6: T.G. Agents (KL)
Results: XOX

Round7: Bahamut's Long Sausage (Baha)
Results: OO-

Round8: Frog Monach (Dominic)
Shared, since he wanted formula, and I wanted something else

Placing: 5th/6th

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