Friday, September 23, 2011

Mini Tournament @ Asia Card Shop 23/09/11

Format : 4 Round Swiss to Top 8
Participants: 18
Deck used: Agent Angel

Round 1: Nordics (???)
Game1: He didn't syncho any thor/odin with his monsters (weird), but instead went for thoughtruler. After I orangelight-ed his trishula, things went downhill for him.
Game2: Dustshoot and saw that he had allure and only 1 dark, chaos sorcerer. When he activated allure, I called for chaos sorcerer. He did not drew into any dark monsters and had to discard his whole hand. He later used "Gleipnir, the Fetters of Fenrir" to search for a nordic monster, but my 2nd mindcrush dropped it with another 1 he drew.
Results: OO-

Round 2: Chain Burn (Akira)
Game1: Gained the tempo early and won from there
Game2: Got owned by unexpected sidedeck, while i sided all my things out =(
Game3: Dustshoot-ed him and saw his hand. Solemned the correct cards which caused him to have a few cards dead.
Results: OXO

Round 3: T.G. Agents (KL)
Game1: I OTK-ed him
Game2: His field; 2 gachia, 2 raiou, 1 deep sea serpent ~.~
Game3: OTK-ed Back =D
Results: OXO

Round 4: GB (Shaun)
Game1: Downhill because I did a mistake from booking the monster he lanced when I used darkhole
Game2: Miracle Reborn Krystia won the game, as he did a mistake thinking that he could tag out his gb while krystia is on the field
Game3: Hyperion beatdown by removing agents from hand and field, despite his d.d. fissure. Hyperion is good, true story =D
Results: XOO

4wins - Advanced to Top 8

Round 5: Graveyard BF (Jun Cai)
Game1: OTK, he had no gorz,
Game2: My mistake by stalling out too long and died to his 2 miracle digs (I thought he only had one since I dustshoot-ed him)
Game3: Gained tempo by forcing him to icarus attack my gachi a few times. Won by the advantage I gained there and hyperion destorying a key mirror force
Results: OXO

Round 6: Future Fusion Returner (Zhi Long)
Game1: Got Trishula-ed and Stardust Dragon on his 2nd turn. But lucky that he did not remove my venus in my hand. Managed to turn the tables by Hyperion beat using that venus to be removed.
Game2: Did not remember ><
Results: OO-

Round 7: Chain Burn (Akira)
Results: Shared

Placing: 1st/2nd

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