Friday, August 26, 2011

SG League Qulifiers @ Hougang 26/08/2011

Last few chances to play with the old banlist =)

Deck used: Agent Angels
Participants: 13
Format: Single Elimination

Round 1: Bye
To make it into a top 8 single elimination bracket

Round 2: Agent Keepers (Agent angels + gravekeepers) )Not very sure who he was =\)
Game 1: Was caught off guard when I saw earth and spy on the field together. Won the game with slow venus + gachi beat down
Game 2: Krystia is too strong when opponent has darkarm, chaos socc in his hand =D

Result: OO-

Round 3: Hero-Beat (Felix)
Game 1: Baited his traps and won with hyperion
Game 2: "Gachi + Venus > Any Hero-Beat monsters" True story. Wasted all his traps and once again, Krystia is too strong when opponent has nothing left except a few miracle fusion

Result: OO-

Round 4: Rabbit Ragia (Kenneth Plant)
Game 1: Solemn warning his first ragia made by 2 monsters he normal summoned. Everything went downhill for him after so.
Game 2: Super long game, even attempted to win with deckout, but he averised =(. A few trap stuns at the end won him the game against sided traps.
Game 3: He had no answer to a hyperion with many bullets.

Result: OXO

Placing: 1st =D

Krystia stopped many cards today, which most people are saving up for a otk. It would be better against LL during the next format (Thou i will be using LL too ><). Also remember, when playing agent angels, always 神拜Ball(Beg the Gods, Pray that the Balls wont come)

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