Sunday, August 21, 2011

SG Cardmart Showdown Quilifers @ Asia Card Shop (21th Aug)

Deck used: Agent Angels
Participants: 24
Format: 4 Rounds swiss to top 8

Round 1: vs Dark World (Forgotten his name)
Game 1: Did not know that he was playing dark world thus opened with venus into gachi and set dust and cards from sky. His dark world lighting hit my cards from sky discarding grapha and everything went downhill after so
Game 2: I won with a earth, venus and gachi as he drew into all his sidedeck cards with no monsters
Game 3: I had 2 mystical shine ball and 2 hyperion in my starting hand ~.~. Stored with dark mirror and slowly climbed back into the game when i drew into earth. Lucky for me that I didnt blind cyclone/dust as he had skill drain awaiting me.

Result: XOO

Round 2: vs Junk Dopple (Ernest)
Game 1: Hyperion the world, make it a better place
Game 2: I trishula-ed him and attacked with trishula and earth the next turn. He drew into Junk Synchron and Syncho a AOJ catastor and slowly cleared my monsters away. He used charged and searched for ryko and set a monster. I used blackhole thinking it was a good time to clear his ryko and catastor away but it was a sangan instead! He searched Debris dragon and set a monster and ended his turn. I had gorz, krystia, honest in my hand and a cyclone set. He flipped he ryko, destoryed my mst, trishula-ed me with a dandy lion and tokens spawned from ryko. Lucky for me, he removed krystia from my hand and I summoned gorz when he attacked with trishula. I attacked using the token on his Trishula using honest and gorz attacking ryko for game ><. Lucky Game win for me

Result: OO-

Round 3: vs 6 Samurai (Jia Rui)
Game 1: He started with united, kageki + kagemusha. His united drew into gateway and life was hard with shien, grandmaster, kizen and 3 facedown m/t =(.
Game 2: Otk-ed with Phoenix, Hyperion, Venus, Gachi
Game 3: With 3 Hyperion, 2 Shine balls, 1 Gellanduo as a starting hand againts a 6samurai with gate, shien, grandmaster, kizan, kizan and a hand of 6samurai in his hand, I had no answer =(

Result: XOX

Round 4: vs 6 Samurai (Wei Ann)
Game 1: Was talking with him while playing so much that i forgotten what happened
Game 2: Epic long game, but he did a few mistakes which costed him the game. E.g. Negating my gozen match with shien's effect instead of using 7tools. not using shein's replacement effect to destory another 6samurai instead of himself

Result: OO-

Top 8: vs Graveyard Blackfeathers (???)
Game 1: Attempted to otk but failed as he mained dd.crow (caught me totally off guard). Lost after a few turns of armswing attacks.
Game 2: Venus + Gachi beatdown and dealt the finishing blow with hyperion + krystia
Game 3: Havn't seen this move for a LONG time. He started with foolish burial, dumping Sky Scourge Norleras into the graveyard. Normal summoned Phantom of Chaos. Used its effect to remove and copy sky scourge's effect. With his, there goes my gorz, venus, hyperion, darkhole hand. But lucky he drew into nothing awsome while I drew into earth and slowly more M/T for support =D

Result: XOO

Top 4: vs 6 Samurai (Jia Rui) (Rematch!!!)
Game 1: I went first summoning earth and setting solemn warning and judgement. Warning-ed his kageki and Otk-ed him the next turn with Phoenix + Blackrose dragon + Krystia with solemn judgement negating his mirror force.
Did not rmb if there was a game 3 or not, but i won the match againts him

Results: O??

Top 2: vs Junk Dopple (Clarence)
He wins =)

Placing: 2nd

After so long of not being able to play a tournament, I guess luck was on my side today. I only remembered doing 1 or 2 mistakes of gameplay, which did cost me the game. Other than those, I did quite a good job (of cos, without drawing into 2 or  more shine balls ><)

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