Monday, May 30, 2011

Tournament Report - 28th May 2011

Deck used: Grave Bf (test ed.)
Format: 4 round swiss to top 8
Participants: 27 

Round 1: vs GB (Mango)
Game 1: Gained control after I used trunade and synchro summoned a Thought Ruler. All the magic/traps were single targeting
Game 2: Forgotten what happened ><
Result: OO.

Round 2: vs WWBF (Akira)
Game 1: Had quite a bit of m/t defending from both of us. But had the win from darkarm dragon destroying his field.
Game 2: He started off with 4 m/t set and a shura. I cheated with giant trunade and a delta crow and dprison set =\. He decided to take a risk and set all 4 cards as he had darkarm and blizzard in hand planning on killing me on his next turn but got delta crow-ed by me.
Result: OO.

Round 3: vs Hero Beat (Alvin)
Game 1: Forgotten what happened ><
Game 2: Did some bad decisions =\
Game 3: Had a lead until he reborned my snowman eater to fusion for absolute zero. But he left my sirroco on the field and allowed me to focus with my vayu to take it out. Finished the game with 2x vayu and sirroco in the grave.
Result: OXO

Round 4: vs TanguSpyBirdman Beat (Baha)
Game 1: He had double cyclone destroying my mirror force and cyclone. But he did not have any traps after that and  I decided to otk with the resources in my hand
Game 2: So many spysssss =(
Game 3: Forgotten what happened, but it was quite a cat fight at the end
Result: OXO

4wins 0loss
Onto Top 8

Round 5: vs GB (Mango) again =(
Game 1: Forgotten what happened ><
Game 2: Forgotten what happened ><
Result: OO.

Round 6: vs 6 Samurai (Clarence)
Did not play as we decided to share since top 4 was all friends
Result : Nil

Placing: Top 4 Shared

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