Monday, May 30, 2011

Asia Qualifiers Report @ Hougang Central - 29th May 2011

Deck used: Grave Bf (test ed.)
Format: Single Elimination
Participants: 31

Round 1: vs Gravekeepers (Hong Rei)
Game 1: I cycloned 2 of his nercovally but he had skele and got a 3rd nercovally. I drew into monster reborn and return from d.d. for the next 2 turns and was at despair when i saw his 4 m/t face down on his field with a nercovally. I had a 1 turn grace from him has he was afraid of my 3 facedown m/t, monster reborn and return from d.d and solemn judgement, and set his spy ><. I drew into bottomless traphole set it. I solemned his flipped spy, bottomless his commandent. After so i drew into Armageddon knight and summoned it, but he chained with skill drain. After so he mirror forced my knight but I was lucky to draw into dark grepher and attacked. He then summoned breaker attempting to attack my grepher for game as I was left with 200lp. But he forgotten that he had skill drain on and resulting in a suicide. I attacked the next turn for game.
Game 2: He sided in crack of d.d. when he had nercovally.... it didnt turn out too good for him.

Result: OO.

Round 2: vs GB (Yi Jie)
Game 1: The game came down to him tagging into darius and using the monster it sp-ed to exceed into hope, has I had vayu and sirroco in grave. I drew into Armageddon knight and dumped zombie carrier into grave, used zephyros effect to bonce back my knight and syncho-ed carrier with arms wing from vayu's effect into thought ruler. Attacked from then on and took the game.
Game 2: I destroyed his holylight with my card tropper. After so he destoryed my card tropper with Kycoo. I set a vayu the turn. He activated monster reborn on his holylight but i activated royal oppression. However, he chained with call of the hunted ~.~ . I was so lucky to draw into card tropper and decided to kill his kycoo instead as his holylight could not attack. But he drew into a monster and destroyed my card tropper. I drew into pot of duality. Activated it and revealed trunade, solemn and dark hole. Picked dark hole and used vayu's effect from grave and gamed.

Result: OO.

Round 3: vs Grave BF (Daniel)
Game 1: He had more traps compared to me, and he still had return from d.d. after all my struggle with his attacks.
Game 2: Crow-ed 2 of his vayu's in a row, he showed me burial from d.d. and return from d.d.. I am truly sorry Daniel T_T

Result: XX.

Placing: Top 8, useless

Did not expect anyone else playing grave bf and did not prepare a sidedeck for them =\ learned that d.d. crow is not a good side againts grave bf too. Play tested with Sam a few games after so and discussed about grave bf's side. Shall come up with a better build for my grave bf.

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