Sunday, August 26, 2012

Double Tournament Report for 25(single)/26(team) of Aug (sept banlist)

Deck used : Ball's Agent Angels (both days)

Tournament Ah Soo @ 25/08/12

Format : 3 Round Swiss to Top 16
Participants: ???

Round 1: Tele Agent Angels (Aim)
Result: OO-

Round 2: Verz (Nian Jie)
Result: XX- (should have camp longer to win, but i did not have tat kind of patience on that day lol) 

Round 3: ???
i forgotten who i faced =\

2wins, advanced to top 16

Top16: Mermail (Kenneth)
Result: OXO

Top8: Verz (Nian Jie)
Result: XOX (same as above, should have just camped) 

Btm4: Larval (Amo)
Result : XOO (first game first turn scar red nova me ._. poke poke and i die)

5th/6th: Wind-up (Sam)
Shared =\

Placing : 5th/6th

Team Tournament SG Cardmart @ 26/08/12

Format: 4 Round Swiss to Top 8
Participants: 13teams
Team Members/Line-up : Sam / Me / Clarence

Round 1: Sam Samurais (???)
Result: OO-
Team Result: OO?

Round 2: Agent Angels (Pokiekid)
Result: OO-
Team Result: XOO

Round 3: Lightlords (Samuel)
Result: XX-
Team Result: XX?

Round 4: Gadgets (Poh Seng)
Result: XOX
Team Result: OXO

3wins, advanced to top 8

Top 8: Agent Angels (Sazabi)

Top 4: Larval (Wei Ann)
Result: OO-
Team Result: OO?

Finals: Lightlords (Samuel)
Result: OXO
Team Result: XOO

Placing : 1st

P.S. I read this from somewhere but... i do not see how agents win ratio againts dark world is 8wins out of 10 games @@

Totally LOL-ed when i was reminded of this card; you and i (some random old joke)

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